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Why I will never go back to salon nails

I'm a busy wife and mom of three boys and I am the president of my own CPR business so finding the time or even trying to make the time to go to the salon for a mani/pedi was usually impossible. However, when I did get a chance to have an relaxing mani/pedi I would often leave feeling unsatisfied and looking at my wallet wondering where did the money go. I enjoyed polishing my nails myself and taking some time for some self care at home manicures; I just did not like how my nail polish smelled up my house and neither did my family.

Let's admit it ladies, nail polish takes too long to dry, and moms have no time to wait for polish to dry when at home with demanding kids. Besides, Just when you thought your polish was all dry, you go to finish the laundry, cook dinner or grab those car keys to go out for a quick look down at your manicure (that took you more than 30 minutes to do) and notice one of your nails have this awful looking bed print marking all over it. You begin to feel like you should have just took a nap instead. Because lets face it, you may already a bit sleep deprived.

When I first discovered Color Street after being stuck in the house during quarantine with nothing but lots of time on my hands, I wasn't really sure what to think. I thought, "nail polish on this little thin piece of paper, yeah okay". So, I tried some colors through an associate of mine who was already deep into styling her nails with this product. I was flabbergasted and amazed at how 1: these strips were created and 2: at how easy they were to place over my nails. I mean a very impressive, if I do say so myself, way to polish your nails. Instantly I was hooked, and fell in love with the ease of applying these nail color strips. They have the look of gel nails without the cost and time spent at the nail salons. Color Street nail strips became a quick way to manicure and style my nails. Y'all there are so many varieties of colors, glitters, designs and nail art looks that can be worn together or separate allowing for an endless of nail styles.

Color Street nails are 100% nail polish manufactured right here in the USA. They are made with a base coat, color, and top coat all in one amazing little strip that adheres to your bare nails with no mess, no smudge, no smell, and a fabulous shine and feel. These strips are so easy even my mom (age 65) has started using them and no longer sits with her nail polish bottles fuming up her home and getting frustrated when she messes up on of her nails.

I highly recommend this new creative way to polish and style your nails, and I'm not saying this because I'm try to promote my own products. I am recommending this product because it has become a time-saver, life-saver, beauty-saver, manicure and pedicure saver. I joined Color Street as a stylist so I could inform other women, moms, queens, teens, and moms of tweens and share my experience, my discover, and my love for this nail polish. I want you to be completely blown away just like I was. For me there will be No more high priced salon nails, for My manicure sets cost me the same as a Chick-fil-a meal with a frozen lemonade! Lol.

I am now Saying "HELLO" to Color Street and "Bye Bye" to messy polishes! Here's to a new way to style your nails.

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