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How do I remove color nail strips from my nails?

Since our nail strips are made of 100% nail polish, you can use regular nail polish remover.  

Non-Acetone vs Acetone Removers

Non-Acetone nail polish remover is recommended if you have week or brittle nails, Non-Acetone will remove all polish but may take longer to remove.  Acetone nail polish remover is the best way and quickest way to remove all polish strips.
Acetone may dry out your nails so don't overuse.

Dip Jar Removers

Dip jars are great! Another source of acetone nail polish remover for removing all styles and colors of nail strips.

Nail Care Tip:

Moisturize your hands, fingers nails and especially your cuticles after removing polish (more so if you use acetone based removers) to keep nails healthy. 
Allow a coupe days rest between applying a new set of color strips.  Always remember to keep nails and hands well moisturized for a beautiful and healthy glow.

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